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A Revamped DSD Mobile App
for Everyone

DSD Prayer Network

with the Mobile App the DSD Prayer Network gets even closer, as we can now share prayer requests, prayer points and testimonies.

Works Offline

No internet? That is not a problem as the publications are accessible with or without internet as it is saved in your offline library

Highlight Favourite Text

Within the book reader, you can highlight your Favourite text in any colour of your choice by selecting the text and chosing the highlight colour that appears. You access these highlighs in the menu button within the book reader.

How to do it...

Fast Secure Registration / Login

You don't need to fill forms unending, you don't need to remember one more password... You can Register and log in safely with your Apple, Facebook or Google accounts.

Take Unlimited Notes

As you study the Word of God, sometimes there are inspirations and lessons you recieve, you can save these notes as part of the highlights you made. Simply swipe the highlighted text to the left of your screen to enter 'note' or to delete highlight

Font As You Like

You can change the text size and the font style to suit your reading convenience, you are no longer stuck with a one-sized text.

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The 'Info' Button

We have added an info button in the button right corner of most screens of the DSD Mobile App, these buttons explain the various functionality you can access within the particular page.

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DSD Community

You can have direct contact with the DSD Prayer and Counselling Team, and join the DSD Telegram, Facebook and Whatsapp groups, links are available within the DSD App

Fast and Secure Payment

Google Pay and Apple Pay accepts most Debit or Credit Cards globally. Depending on your country, GPay accepts PayPal, Mobile Carrier/Network Airtime as payment, Direct Bank transfer etc. For users within West African Region, FlutterWave also give more options of Payment.

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Articles, Homilies, Catechism

All the Articles, Homilies and Catechism by Clergy are available in the DSD Mobile App, Users have the opportunity to comment and share their own experiences and inspiration.

Upcoming Programme Schedule

You can keep track of all of DSD Schedule, upcoming programmes, venue, date, time and programme of the event. Rigth from the app; you can add these programmes as a reminder to your Calendar.

Pay Once to access All Year Round

You don't need to repeat the payment process everytime we add new publication, you simply need to subscribe to gain annual access to all the contents published within 12 Months, and Powered by Apple & Google you can automatically renew your subscription without any break

Referral Programme

We do not intend to strip our distributors off their activities of earning through the sales of DSD publications. Hence the Referral Programme gives those who are interested the oppurtunity to earn through the sales of DSD digital products. Anyone can join through the 'Join our Referral Programme' button. You can request withdrawal of your earning through the app and get paid through the methods available in your region


There are frequently updated media contents: videos of our previous programmes, Live Streaming of ongoing programmes, audio Bible, Audio Angelus, other audio resources, Live Catholic Radio and TV stations (where you can virtually participate in Liturgical activities) all right from the Mobile App


You can recieve general announcements via notifications which may be particular to you, your region or the topics of your choice. You can adjust how this notifications get to to you and which ones get to you.

Numerous Free Publications

In addition to all DSD Publications, We intend to continue publishing and making available valuable publications, mostly free. The Catholic Bible, Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catholic Hymn Book, some church classics etc.

Control the Adverts

In order to continue to raise revenue for the purpose of Evangelization and Charity, we have added ads to the Mobile App, these ads are controlled by Google Admobs. If you find adverts annoying, you may switch them off from the App settings. This capability is available only to users with active subscription.

Dark and Light Theme

Depending on the brightness or darkness of the environment, you may want to switch the app theme to Light or Dark mode. This is available both throughout the app or only within the App Book Reader

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Using the safe and secure payment platform in the DSD Mobile App you can commit to become part of the DSD Charity programme by making financial support.

In-built Dictionary

When you encounter words you do not understand, you may not need to leave the DSD Mobile App, there is an in-built dictionary that defines Words when you select and 'define'.
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